Westworld (TV series): "Vanishing Point"

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Westworld (TV series): "Vanishing Point." Season 2, episode 9 (17 June 2018).

Summarized usefully in the Wikipedia entry, "The episode's plot includes the Man in Black[1] and [his daughter] Emily discussing their relationship and their family, Teddy's[2] achievement of consciousness, Maeve[3] receiving a message by Ford,[4] Charlotte[5] reproducing Maeve's newfound abilities via Clementine and a choice by Bernard[6] regarding Ford and Elsie."[7]


Continuing and reinforcing science-fictionalization of the psi ideas of telepathy and mind control, seen and heard when Ford communicates with Maeve and Bernard for telepathy, and mind-control emphatically illustrated when Clementine shows her powers by having a group of Hosts kill one another.
The image of a unit of Park security forces in the underground Park lab area firing futuristic assault rifles into a stampede of cyborg bulls that initially appear purely organic — causing great damage to the bodies of their targets but with no stopping power. A final or near final image has a "bull" that is now clearly biomechanical charging into and thoroughly goring one of the humans and both going over a barrier into a fall: it's a shot of brief duration, but it illustrates and encapsulates how Westworld combines and twists categories of organic and mechanical.
Spoiler here — but Teddy brings to a temporary conclusion the theme of Hosts as choosing beings when he resolves the conflict between and among his love for and loyalty to Dolores, his resentment that she's made him into a "monster" (a remorseless gunslinger), and his desire for freedom. He shoots himself. “There is only one really serious philosophical question," Albert Camus wrote in The Myth of Sisyphus, "and that is suicide.”[8] For himself, Teddy has resolved that "serious philosophical question" in an act demonstrating choice and freedom resulting in the end for him of any choice, freedom or action.