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Louis Rosenberg

THE FUTURE — AUGUST 6, 2022 Transhumanists want to upload their minds to a computer. They really won’t like the result


IIf you are reading these words, your brain is alive and well, stored within the protective confines of your skull where it will reside for the remainder of your life. I feel the need to point this out because there is a small but vocal population of self-proclaimed “transhumanists” who believe that within their lifetimes, technological advances will enable them to “upload their minds” into computer systems, thereby allowing them to escape the limitations of their biology and effectively “live forever.”

These transhumanists are wrong.

To be fair, not all transhumanists believe in “mind uploading” as a pathway to immortality, but there’s enough chatter about the concept within that community that excitement has spilled out into the general public — so much so, that Amazon has a comedic TV series based on the premise called Upload.

RDE, finishing, 13Aug22