The Ship Who Sang

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McCaffrey, Anne. The Ship Who Sang. New York: Walker, 1969. New York: Ballantine, 1969. Also see title story, "The Ship Who Sang." F&SF April 1961. Rpt. Women of Wonder. Pamela Sargent, ed. New York: Random, 1975. See Contento, Index, for other rpts.

Coll. of AM's Helva stories. (Cf. and contrast J. McElroy's Plus, and K. O'Donnell's Mayflies). Helva, who "was born a thing" becomes an "encapsulated 'brain'" to be partnered with a "brawn" to act "as the mobile half." The other stories in TSWS continue Helva's story. See under Literary Criticism the TMG essay by A. H. Jones.[[1]]