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Breuer, Miles J. "The Man with the Strange Head." Amazing January 1927. Anthologized Big Book of Science Fiction. Groff Conklin, ed. New York: Berkley, 1957.[1] Collected The Man with the Strange Head and Other Early Science Fiction Stories (Bison Frontiers of Imagination, University of Nebraska Press). Lincoln, Nebraska: Bison Books, 2008.[2][3]

According to John J. Pierce ("Retrofitting Humanity," manuscript), deals with a "man whose head doesn’t match his Charles Atlas torso. He has never pumped iron in a gym, but simply acquired a mechanical body-suit that keeps pacing back and forth even after he has been shot dead through the heart" (p. 14). Cf. and contrast exoskeletons, fighting suits, and other prosthetics and bionic aids.

Also in this collection: "Mechanocracy."

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