The High Frontier: Human Colonies in Space

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O'Neill, Gerard K. The High Frontier: Human Colonies in Space. NYC: William Morrow, 1977.

Listed in Benford and Zebrowski's Skylife: Space Habitats in Story and Science.

From Wikipedia entry (definitely which see for the illustrations): Speculative but non-fiction book suggesting

a road map for what the United States might do in outer space after the Apollo program, the drive to place a human on the Moon and beyond. It envisions large human occupied habitats in the Earth-Moon system, especially near stable Lagrangian points. Three designs are proposed: Island one (a modified Bernal sphere),[1] Island two (a Stanford torus),[2] and Island 3 (two O'Neill cylinders).[3] These would be constructed using raw materials from the lunar surface launched into space using a mass driver and from near-Earth asteroids. The habitats were to spin for simulated gravity and be illuminated and powered by the Sun. Solar power satellites were proposed as a possible industry to support the habitats.[4]

RDE, finishing, 13Jun22

RDE, finishing, 13Jun22