The Dawn Patrol: Sex, Technology, and Irony in Farmer and Ballard

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Wolfe, Gary K. "The Dawn Patrol: Sex, Technology, and Irony in Farmer and Ballard." In State of the Fantastic—Studies in the Theory and Practice of Fantastic Literature and Film: Selected Essays from the Eleventh International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts. Nicholas Ruddick, ed. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1992.

Described by Arthur B. Evans as "a fascinating investigation" in the manner of Michel Foucault, of the "question of 'whether it is possible to construct a kind of pornography of the machine ... in which the encounter with the machine on its own terms is eroticized in a manner usually reserved for descriptions of sexual encounters' (163)." State of the Fantastic rev. Evans, SFS #59, 20.1 (March 1993): 118-20, our source for this entry and whom we quote (120; unspaced dots represent ellipsis in Evans's quotation from GKW). See the entries for P. J. Farmer and J. G. Ballard. (RDE, 28/03/93)