The Cyborg Handbook

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The Cyborg Handbook. Chris Hables Gray et al. eds. New York/London: Routledge. 1995.[1]

(NOTE: In titles below, the initial "I's" rendered as capital letters may be lower case; lower case "i's" and "l's" may be reversed.)

Foreword: "Cyborgs and Symbionts: Living Together in the New World Order" by Donna J. Haraway. Introduction: "Cyborgology: Constructing the Knowledge of Cybernetic Organisms" by C. H. Gray, Steven Mentor, Heidi J. Figuera-Sarriera

Part 1: The Genesis of Cyborg
 Three essays and two interviews including Ron English, "African Influences in Cybernetics" and two essays on cyborgs and space.

The Proliferation of Cyborgs

Part 2: In Science and Engineering/in Space and War
 Seven essays and an interview
Part 3: In Medicine
 Eight essays covering reproduction, artificial organs, and an abstract on what we might call prosthetics.
Part 4: In the Imagination
 Eight essays covering literature, film, comics (See for JUDGE DREDD, the Terminator movies, and other films with cyborgs. (Maly, 02/07/02) 
  Mark Oehlert, "From Captain America to Wolverine: Cyborgs in Comic Books, Alternative Images of Cybernetic Heroes and Villains"
  Jonathan Goldberg, "Recalling Totalities: The Mirrored Stages of  Arnold Schwarzenegger"
  David Tomas, "Art, Psychasthenic Assimilation, and the Cybernetic Automaton"
  Jennifer Gonzáles, "Envisioning Cyborg Bodies: Notes from Current Research"
  Cynthia J. Fuchs, "'Death is Irrelevant': Cyborgs, Reproduction, and the Future of Male Hysteria"
  Lois H. Fresh, "Digital Pistil"
  Philip K. Dick, "I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon"
  N. Katherine Hayles,"The Life Cycle of Cyborgs: Writing the Posthuman"

The Future of Cyborgs

Part 5: Cyborg Anthropology
 Gary Lee Downey, Joseph Dumit, Sarah Williams, "Cyborg Anthropology"
 Joseph Dumit, "Brain-Mind Machines and American Technological Dream Marketing: Towards and Ethnography of Cyborg Envy
 Gary Lee Downey, "Human Agency in CAD/CAM Technology
 David J. Hess, "On Low-Tech Cyborgs
 Sarah Williams, "'Perhaps Images at One with the World are Already Lost Forever': Vision of Cyborg Anthropology in Post-Cultural Worlds"
Part 6: The Politics of Cyborgs
 Sandy Stone, "Split Subjects, Not Atoms; or, How I Fell in Love with My Prosthesis
 Chela Sandoval, "New Sciences: Cyborg Feminism and the Methodology of the Oppressed"
 Joseba Gabilondo, "Postcolonial Cyborgs: Subjectivity in the Age of Cybernetic Reproduction"
 William R. Macauley and Angel J. Gordo-López, "From Cognitive Psychologies to Mythologies: Advancing Cyborg Textualities for a Narrative of Resistance
 Lorne Falk and Mireille Perron, "The Conversion of Père Version
 Chris Hables Gray and Steven Mentor, "The Cyborg Body Politic: Version 1.2

Includes also a Bibliography, FilmOgraphy, Biographies (of the contributors, we assume), an Index, list of Illustrations, and Acknowledgments


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