Technocracy: Technological Social Design

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Technocracy: Technological Social Design. Savannah, OH: Technocracy, Inc., 1975.

Through the 1980s, lterature on the Technocracy movement was available cheaply from Continental Headquarters, Technocracy, Inc., Savannah, OH. This pamphlet provides a simple introd. to Technocracy and briefly outlines how the "Technate of North America" will be run after the technocrats take over. (See under Literary Criticism, W. W. Wagar, "The Steel-Gray Saviour"].) Casual use of the term "technocrats" to describe bland interim leaders of countries may disguise the fact that at one time Technocracy was an actual political movement and that serious people could argue for formal rule by experts. (Some serious people in the early 21st c. might argue that to the degree global institutions are actually run by an elite that understands complex techniques of finance and other fields, a quiet form of technocracy is with us.)

For a highly positive view of technocracy in what was at the time a major motion picture, note conclusion to the 1936 film, THINGS TO COME.

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