Star Trek: Voyager, "Equinox Part II"

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Star Trek: Voyager, "Equinox Part II". #221, 22 Sept. 1999; Season 6, episode 1.[1]

In her brief annotation in Cinefantastique 33.5,[2] Anna L. Kaplan quotes episode writer Brannon Brana's reference to Seven of Nine as "conscience" to Captain Rudolph Ransom, the human CO of the USS Equinox.[3] Since Seven of Nine is a former Borg drone,[4] her acting as a conscience is of interest.

"Equinox," no number: Production #220 (26 May 1999),[5] season 5, episode 26 by Fandom count;[6] season 5, episode 25 for IMDb.[7]

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