Star Trek: Voyager, "Dark Frontier"

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Star Trek: Voyager, "Dark Frontier." Production #211 and 212, season 5, episodes 15 and 16 (17 February 1999).[1][2] IMDb counts this as episode 15 only, in two parts.[3]

Memory Alpha brief summary (a much longer one is a bit further down the page[4]): "When Captain Janeway devises a plan to steal a transwarp coil[5] from a damaged Borg sphere, the mysterious Borg Queen learns of the plan and uses this knowledge in an attempt to return Seven of Nine[[6]] to the Borg by issuing her an ultimatum: rejoin the Collective or watch as Voyager is assimilated."[7]

In her longer than usual annotation in Cinefantastique 31.11 (April 2000),[8] Anna L. Kaplan supplies a fair amount of detail.

A Borg probe vessel has detected Voyager [sic: no italics]. Instead of falling prey to the Borg, Voyager destroys the probe. Data nodes recovered from the debris allow Seven of Nine to reproduce Borg tactical information[, ... including] the location of a heavily damaged [Borg] sphere [... which Janeway intends to attack to get a transwarp coil].[9]

Janeway asks a reluctant Seven to read through her parents['] extensive field notes about the Borg [as they and their daughter hunted for "the rumored Borg"]. [...] While Seven reads their log entries, we see parts of their journey and her memories in flashback.

The Borg Queen[10] [...] attempts to seduce Seven back into the Collective, [while] Janeway plans to free her [using the knowledge gained by her parents ...]. Janeway and crew save Seven and destroy the Queen's ship. The transwarp coil takes them some fifteen years closer to home before giving out. (Cinefantastique 31.11: 45, 47)[11]

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