Star Trek: Voyager®, "Revulsion"

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"Revulsion." Star Trek: Voyager®, Episode 4.5, production 173, 1 Oct. 1997. Kenneth Biller, dir. Lisa Klink, script. Videographic information and plot details from [1] and Cinefantastique 30.9/10 (Nov. 1998): 81, 83.

See for Leland Orser as a notable "hologram-like isomorphic projection," Dejaren, who turns out to be "a very disturbed holographic man who actually hates organic life" (cf. F. Saberhagen's Berserkers[2] and D. Knight's "Masks" [cited under Fiction]) "and has murdered his crew. He finds the [holographic] Doctor fascinating" (Cinefantastique), for a nice contrast of revulvision at life and attempting to preserve it. Note, though, that Dejaren's hatred has at least one root in experience: "Dejaren is awed by the Doctor's freedom and abilities; his crew never let him out of his chamber or treated him as anything other than machinery." Also in the episode, "[…] Harry Kim is assigned to work with [former Borg drone] Seven of Nine […].[3] Kim is uneasy working with the Borg, but their detail provides them with the basis of a friendship. However, Kim is rattled when Seven of Nine interprets his pleasantries as romantic seduction and she decides to further explore her resurgent humanity" (