ROADRUNNER (documentary film)

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ROADRUNNER: A Film About Anthony Bourdain. Morgan Neville, director, one of two "full" producers. USA: CNN Films (prod.) / Focus Features (dist.), 2021. 118 minutes.

Documentary on the life and death by suicide of Anthony Bourdain, chef, author, travel documentarian, and TV personality,[1] relevant here for 45 seconds where Bourdain's words from an e-mail are generated by AI — generating a significant debate on the ethics of such AI use.

This debate os the subject of "Bourdain Documentary’s Use of A.I. to Mimic Voice Draws Questions"

The documentary “Roadrunner” by Morgan Neville uses 45 seconds of a voice that sounds like Bourdain, generated with artificial intelligence. Is it ethical? (by Julia Jacobs, The New York Times 16 July 2021).[2]

Also: PJ Grisar's "The dangerous disrespect of making Anthony Bourdain speak from the dead," 16 July 2021.[3]

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