Old Friends. New Fun.

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"Old Friends. New Fun." TV ad Super Bowl LVI (i.e., 56), Sunday, 13 February 2022. Analyzed by Victor Tangermann, "IN BIZARRE SUPER BOWL AD, FACEBOOK IMAGINES ITS USERS AS ROBOT DOGS STUFFED INTO TRASH COMPACTOR," lower on screen: "Robot Blues," in Robots & Machines in The Byte on-line at Futurism.com link.[1] (Also in title block, all-caps removed: "That's quite an image.")

"Facebook’s parent company Meta aired a rather bizarre Super Bowl ad for its Quest 2 virtual reality headset, in which it compared its customers to a Chuck E-Cheese animatronic knockoff being put through a trash compactor — before being rescued by a kindhearted Quest 2 user" (Tangermann op cit.). Note that the large animatronic dog is subjected to other (relatively mild but disturbing) abuse prior to going into the compactor, and that the compactor takes "the superimposition of the mechanical upon the ... (animatronic here?)" to a new level. (Cf. and contrast huge compactor in A NEW HOPE (initially released as STAR WARS).[2])

Tangermann comments that "The ad is presumably meant to get people excited for the company’s Metaverse, a dumbed down cartoon playground that allows people — adults, sure, but mainly kids — to hang out in a virtual reality world." So note for VR and the idea of a Metaverse, for which see the metaverse as a variation on cyberspace in Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash.

As of February 2022, the Tangermann column had the full ad embedded.

For the ad as cultural "Background," cf. and contrast Ridley Scott's classic Super Bowl ad for Apple Corp., 1984 from (appropriately) 1984.

RDE, with thanks to Grace Dillon, finishing, 15Feb22