No Mistake (journalism: mechanized medicine)

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Gawande, Atul. "No Mistake." The New Yorker 30 March 1998: 74-[81], under "Medical Dispatch."

Under title (in italics): "The future of medical care: machines that act like doctors, and doctors who act like machines" (74). Significant for appearing in The New Yorker, combined with its tone. AG stresses the advantages of "specialized, automated care" and substituting statistical analysis and formulas for the intuition of experienced physicians. "This vision of disaggregated, mechanized medicine will seem horrifying to many people. * * * And yet . . . . the machine, oddly enough, may be holistic medicine's best friend. . . . [A]s expert systems . . . begin to take on more of the technical and cognitive work of medicine, generalist physicians will be in a position to embrace the humanistic dimension of care" ([81]).

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