Music: Humans/Machines Interfaced

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Music: Humans/Machines Interfaced.

In an e-note dated 28 June 2004, Jim Flannery noted that beyond human/machine connections in the lyrics of recent music "there's more direct "Human/Machine Interface" in such works as

• Alvin Lucier's Music for solo Performer for Enormously Amplified Brain Waves and Percussion (1964/1965),[1][2][3]

• Sensorband's use of biofeedback (their performances involve clenching muscles in various parts of their bodies, with synthesizers "translating" the resulting electrical changes in their muscles)[4] ...

• [and further] performances "by machines" engineered by

•• Maxime de la Rochefoucauld ["automaton orchestra"][5][6]

•• Matt Heckert

•• Remko Scha

•• Joe Jones

•• Paul Panhuysen,[7][8][9]

•• David Tudor[10][11][12]

•• Trimpin[13][14] ... [et al.].

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Jim Flannery, 2004; RDE, finishing, 17/18Ap23