Mui, Yian Q.

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Mui, Ylan Q. "Beyond Virtual Reality: Stuffed toys with online lives are transforming child's play." The Washington Post National Weekly Edition 12-18 Feb. 2007: 21.

"They are called Webkinz, huggable, plush toys with elaborate virtual lives that spotlight how children's play is changing, moving effortlessly between the real world and the Web. In less than two years, they have become must-have items for tech-savvy 'tweeners. [***] Each stuffed animal comes with an identification number that gives children access to the Webkinz site"[1], 10 March 2007. On the site, the "pet" owner learns "their pets' online personas" and can use "virtual money" to buy their pets virtual clothing and "decorate pets' virtual rooms." Rich Erlich is willing to speculate that real money may eventually be involved in upgrading the toys' on-line lives.

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