Machines and the Future

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MacLeish, Archibald. "Machines and the Future." The Nation 136 (8 Feb. 1933): 140-42.

Citation and quotation below from "ERIC ED204770: ... The Industrial Photographs of Lewis Wickes Hine and Margaret Bourke-White." [1]

"It became apparent that industrialism was moving toward a degree of mechanization in which fewer and fewer men need be, or indeed could be. employed . . . the direction of growth of industrialism has changed, our civilization has turned a comer, and the ancient conception of human work as the basis of economic exchange and of the right to live is obsolete, since the work of machines and the conversion of nonhuman energy take the human place" (p. 140). MacLeish's essay is briefly covered in a side-bar, "Back Issues/1933 'The Right to Live Is Obsolete,'" The Nation 304.16 (22/29 May 2017): 11.

See also Visions Of Technology: A Century Of Vital Debate About Machine Systems and the Human World.

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