Machina Mundi: Machine of the World

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Johannes de Sacrobosco (John of Sacrobosco; c. 1195 – c. 1256).[1] De sphaera mundi (On the Sphere of the World). Ca. 1230, printed 1472.

In addition to clearly identifying Earth as a sphere — not a new idea ca. 1230[2] — John presents "The universe as a machine," writing "of the universe as the machina mundi, the machine of the world, suggesting that the reported eclipse of the Sun at the crucifixion of Jesus was a disturbance of the order of that machine. This concept is similar to the clockwork universe analogy that became very popular centuries later, during the Enlightenment."[3]

The concept is similar to the later clockwork universe, but brings in God, as would be done into the 17th century and the Enlightenment and early years of modern science.

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