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MR. NOBODY. Jaco Van Dormael, director, script. Sylvie Olivé, production design. Belgium and other countries: Pan Européenne, Virtual Films, Christal Films, et al., production / Magnolia Pictures (US distribution), 2009. See IMDb for extremely complex production and distribution.[1] 141 minutes.

Art film with scientific/science-fictional premises, including "the butterfly effect"[2] and a scientific understanding of time. Amidst the mashup of genres, with an emphasis on love stories, see image of humans' going to Mars in a futuristic spacecraft in a futuristic long line of hibernating tourists opposite a giant screen showing, when we see it, a Bollywood movie.[3] During the exposition on time, we see literal clockworks, of the high-modern, late-19th-c. variety. Note also imaging of alternative time-lines with movement on to one set of railroad tracks or another, suggesting both alternatives and determinism.

For butterfly effect, cf. and contrast "Brooklyn Project."

RDE, Initial Compiler, 12, 13/VIII/17