Lloyd, Michele, author, ed., publisher "The Loneliness of Cyborgs"

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Lloyd, Michele, author, ed., publisher. "The Loneliness of Cyborgs," Parts 1 and 2. In The Decline of Civilization: News for the Paranoid, issues 17 and 18 (Nov., Dec. 1995). A desk-top published newsletter available from ML at 128 Twin Lakes Drive / Fairfield, OH 45014 (MELloyd@aol.com).

Part 1 briefly covers The Six Million Dollar Man, THE BIONIC WOMAN, THE TERMINATOR, ROBOCOP and the "I, Borg" episode of The Trek: The Next Generation (all cited under Drama). Part 2 briefly handles CYBORG and NEMESIS (q.v. under Drama), AMERICAN CYBORG: STEEL WARRIOR, DIGITAL MAN, JUDGE DREDD, PROTOTYPE X29A—and covers in more detail ROBOCOP (1987) and ROBOCOP 2 (q.v.). Especially in Part 2, ML elegantly relates cyborgs to motifs of nature vs. technology, and the questions of human identity and free will; she situates cyborg films (and such SF novels as J. Brunner's The Jagged Orbit][1]]) in the world of high-tech late capitalism and the world of «technocracy» in the sense of rule by those who have mastered techniques, including psychological techniques (see in this Category, J. Ellul). And in a world in which the assembly-line factory can be taken as a metaphor for a clockwork life (see MODERN TIMES, cited under Drama).