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Kinetic Picture. Sold by, significantly, "Touch of Modern." As of 8 December 2018, sold on line at <>.

The puzzle is in form a beautifully complex clockwork mechanism. "The Kinetick [sic] Picture model from WOODEN.CITY is an intricate, three-dimensional puzzle that's been precisely crafted and laser-cut from sustainably sourced birch wood. Each kit comes beautifully packaged, and contains everything you need to assemble your vintage-style model wall art with no glue or special knowledge required. It also incorporates a one-of-a-kind rubber band engine, a self-propelled, electricity-free mechanism that lets the completed puzzle move by itself, when wound up with a key." See for an emphatically mechanical mechanism in wood that operates as if by electricity but "electricity-free," and which does nothing but Be as a work of both very material and environmentally-friendly, "natural" abstract art.

One of a series; see also <>, a wooden Ferris wheel (with potential pun; "Ferris" in "Ferris wheel" is a name, but "ferrous" in non-technical usage implies iron).

RDE, Initial Compiler, with thanks to Chad Dresbach, 8Dec18