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Corrêa, Henrique Alvim. Illustrations. L'arrivée des marsiens (sic on spelling; The Arrival of the Martians / War of the Worlds). 1906. Also possible: La guerre des mondes. Traduit de l'anglais par Henry-D. Davray. édition illustreé par Alvim-Corrêa.[1]

Although this translation into French of H. W. Wells's The War of the Worlds may be little-known among Anglophone readers, the illustrations were appreciated by Wells, and are available to be examined, and in some cases reproductions purchased, in a number of places on the web.

For Wells's appreciation, a number of images, and a description of the Martian "extraterrestrial tripods (looking like a cross between octopuses and water towers," with an octopus's large eyes, see in The Public Domain REVIEW, "Henrique Alvim Corrêa’s Illustrations for The War of the Worlds (1906)"[[2]] Cf. and strongly contrast the fusion of biological and mechanical in H. R. Giger's biomechanical images.


"Horrifying 1906 Illustrations of H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds: Discover the Art of Henrique Alvim Corrêa"[3]
Old Book Illustrations, "Arrival of the Martians," with links[4]
"The War of the Worlds illustrated by Henrique Alvim-Corrêa"[5] Source for La guerre des mondes citation above.

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