Human Robots in Myth and Science

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Cohen, John. Human Robots in Myth and Science. London, UK: Allen & Unwin, 1966. Rpt. South Brunswick, NJ: A. S. Barnes, 1967. Digitalized and available via Internet Archives, as of 11 March 2023 with instructions for borrowing at link here.[1]

Used and cited by Robert D. Romanyshyn in Technology as Symptom and Dream. Internet Archive (loc cit.) lists Cohen's topics as "Machine theory, Robots, Künstlicher Mensch ["artificial human"]"; more specifically, "Robots in antiquity -- Robots in the Middle Ages -- A man-made man -- Robots in fiction with an appendix on Pygmalionism and allied matters -- Theory of robots in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries -- The fabrication of actual automata -- Motives of robot-makers -- Robots in the recent past and immediate future -- Is man a robot?"

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