Higgins, Dave, "'Thinking' robot in escape bid"

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Higgins, Dave. "'Thinking' robot in escape bid." TheAge.com.au, Thursday, 20 June 2002. [www.theage.com.au/articles/2002/06/20/1023864460978.html].

Whether the story is factual or not — and some skepticism seems wise here — it is significant that a report circulated that "Scientists running a pioneering experiment with 'living robots' which think for themselves today said they were amazed to find one escaping from the centre where it 'lives.'" A "small unit, called Gaak, was one of 12 taking part in a 'survival of the fittest' test at the Magna science centre in Rotherham, South Yorkshire"; the experimenter left it alone for a while and it "forced its way out of the small make-shift paddock it was being kept in." The experimenter assured the reporter that "although they can escape they are perfectly harmless and won't be taking over just yet." Note experimenter's assertion of willed behavior in the robot and assumption of take-over fear among likely readers of the story. See under Drama, SHORT CIRCUIT.