Hawkes, David, "Artistic Economics"

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Hawkes, David. "Artistic Economics." Rev. Economics and Culture by David Throsby, Cambridge UP, and Market Society by Don Slater and Fran Tonkiss, Polity. The Nation 274.2 (21 Jan. 2002): 28, 30-32.

Asserts that Throsby accepts current "quantification of all human experience," and uses for his (Thorsby's) argument the "notion of the 'stakeholder,' dear to Tony Blair [New Labor PM of UK], whose ambition to create a 'stakeholder society' is overt and unapologetic." Significant here is the definition of a stakeholder as one standing "in relation to the world as a shareholder does to a corporation," seeing only one's "stake" in one's surroundings and calculating how to "optimally maximize" benefit from that stake. "The stakeholder, then, is not human. He is rather a quantified abstraction from humanity, a machine designed for the calculation of marginal utility." Like «Economic Man», the stakeholder is not merely a theoretical construct; DH quotes Hannah Arendt on humans as seen in "neoclassical economics' cousin, behavioral psychology: 'The problem … is not that it is false but that it is becoming true'" (30).