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Ortega, Joshua. Frequencies {vt. ((Frequencies))}. Seattle, WA: Omega Point Productions, 1999, 2001. San Diego, CA: Jodere Group, 2003.[1]

The 2003 hard-cover Jodere Group edition discussed by Alan Deniro, as "((FREQUENCIES))" in a "Rain Taxi Review": Rain Taxi Online Edition, Summer 2003 | © Rain Taxi, Inc. 2003 — online as of summer 2021 at link here.[2]

Deniro holds that Frequencies isn't "a science fiction novel," but rather "The novel [sic] is essentially creative nonfiction disguised as science fiction, an empowerment narrative in Philip K. Dickian clothing." It is clearly a near-future, high-tech dystopia in the tradition of Nineteen Eighty-Four, with a cornucopia of more or less SF tropes, such as severely punished freaking out as in The World Inside, flying cars from BLADE RUNNER, and brain and other bodily implants from cyberpunk,[3] such as Neuromancer and its progeny.

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