Electronic 'Jailer' Makes Home Prison

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Calhoun, Jim, and Bob Fogarty. "Electronic 'Jailer' Makes Home Prison." The Cincinnati Enquirer 16 Jan. 1985: A-1 f.

On an experiment by the Kenton Fiscal Court in Kenton County, KY, to use the "In House Arrest" system to confine nonviolent, relatively well-to-do convicts in their homes. The system uses "a special bracelet that emits signals every 35 seconds." The prisoner pays for the system, which can be programmed to allow the prisoner to go to work. Cf. collars for "Risks" in F. Pohl and Jack Williamson's, The Reefs of Space (cited under Fiction). See for an early reaction to this innocation in a politically conservative area and venue. (The editors regret that as of October 2014 we can offer no free link to this article on line.)