DotComGuy: "Welcome to the world of DotComGuy"

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DotComGuy. "Welcome to the world of DotComGuy," The Cincinnati Post, 6 Jan. 2000: 14A (followup story 3 July 2000).

Mitch Maddox legally changed his name to "DotComGuy," moved into a house on 1 Jan. 2000, and announced his resolve to stay there, as a stunt, until 2001. "His plan: live exclusively online, including ordering food, furniture and clothes and hosting a 24-hour live feed of his life." Coverage notes that "The DotComGuy project, which sounds like a cross between the Biosphere and the film 'EdTV,' has a few ground rules. Maddox can have visitors. he simply can't go farther than the backyard." Maddox will be paid $24 for his first month, with his salary doubling for each succeeding month for a year ($48, $96, etc.). In addition to EDTV,[1] see under Fiction, E.M. Forster's "The Machine Stops"; for additional works, search Wiki for Keywords "womb" and "house," and words related to containment. See under Background, "Japan's real-life Truman.")