Don’t @ us: The Problem with Tweeting

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Streitfeld, David. "Don’t @ us: The Problem with Tweeting." TLS [Times Literary Supplement] on Line, hard-copy issue of 25 October 2019. Technology section.[1]

Note illustration at top of article, identified as "'Die Zwitscher-Maschine'" (Twittering Machine), detail, by Paul Klee, 1922 and the argument from Richard Seymour's The Twittering Machine (Indigo Press, 2018)[2] that, in Steitfeld's words, "Silicon Valley’s strongest imperative is to keep us at home, where technology will feed us, excite us and lull us, allowing no dissent or unmediated companionship. It’s no wonder we started talking to the machines. Now, phone firmly clutched in hand, we are going a step further, and merging with the machines."

Cf. and contrast the condition of civilized humanity in E. M. Forster's "The Machine Stops."

RDE, Initial Compiler, 30Nov19