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Renard, Maurice. Doctor Lerne, Undergod (Original French: Le Docteur Lerne - Sous-Dieu). 1908. As New Bodies for Old (New York: The Macaulay Company, 1923).[1] Brian Stableford, trans. as Doctor Lerne, annotated edition. Tarzana, California: Hollywood Comics, 2010.[2]

From the publisher's blurb for Stableford translation: "Dedicated to Wells, Maurice Renard's Doctor Lerne (1908) features a mad scientist who performs organ transplants not only between men and animals, but also with plants, and even machines." In a survey in manuscript, John J. Pierce notes that Lerne "starts out with organ transplants, but ends with the mad doctor’s soul possessing a car" ("Retrofitting Humanity," p. 12). Cf. and contrast Stephen King's Christine (novel) and the film version.