Cyberman (Personality Profile)

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"Cyberman." Personality Profile by Melanie Austria Farmer in Steamtunnels Magazine (, 27 Oct. 2000: 2.

Steamtunnels is an insert aimed at young adults and late adolescents sophisticated about the Internet; the staff believe such folk would be interested in MAF's profile on Prof. Kevin Warwick of the cybernetics dept. at the U of Reading (UK): "the first man with a microprocessor implant," one smaller than an English 2-penny coin (pictured) The chip is in his arm, acting "as an identification signal, authomatically opening doors and turning lights on for him when he entered a room" and tracking "his movements when he was in the research building." A planned chip will be "implanted […] closer to his nervous system […] to better read his movements and possibly even control [sic] his emotions and senses." Practical applications may improve help for the blind and helping "to close the communications gap between humans and computers," which "will probably lead to surgically implanting a microprocessor in his brain." "Cyberman" is a relevant article and event for surveillance and literal human/machine interfaces; see Niven and Pournelle's Oath of Fealty, cited under Fiction, Keywords here (esp. for less optimistic works): "implants" and a "brain implant".