Cyberbeing and ~space

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McHoul, Alec. "Cyberbeing and ~space." Postmodern Culture [PMC] 8.1 (1997). Available on line, as of May 2019: here.[1]

Paragraph 1 (numbered) of essay:

Does cyberculture--along with its new forms of equipment and, consequently, its new modes of relating to equipment--constitute a distinct and different way of being in the world from ordinary everydayness? In other words, is there a distinct mode of being peculiar to the "cyber"? Is there cyberbeing? This paper sets out to  investigate this possibility, beginning with an outline of [Martin] Heidegger's concept of Dasein and moving on to look at the changes and modifications to his account that     might need to be made in order to distinguish something like cyberbeing.

Cited in R. Farnell's "Attempting Immortality: AI, A-Life, and the Posthuman in Greg Egan's Permutation City".

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