Cyber(Body)Parts: Prosthetic Consciousness

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Wilson, Robert Rawdon. "Cyber(Body)Parts: Prosthetic Consciousness." In Cyberspace/Cyberbodies/Cyberpunk: Cultures of Technological Development. Roger Burrows and Mike Featherstone, eds. London: SAGE, 1995. Online Publication Date: 31 May 31.

From the opening of the essay: "When they fail, the body's parts (ordinarily so silent within the illusion of a 'whole' body) scream their presence. When they I replaced, they grumble unnervingly in a new tongue." Today, we have glasses and contact lenses; in the future one "may wear a 'visor', like Commander La Forge in Star Trek — The Next Generation, or a fully functional eyeball, unlike the myth-inscribed one that [Thomas] Pynchon imagines in his fable of plastic surgery and bodily metamorphosis, V. Even [eye] glasses modify consciousness." [1]

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