Counter-Clock World

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Dick, Philip K. Counter-Clock World. New York City: Berkley Books imprint of Penguin, 1967.

Very suggestive title, and, of course, by P. K. Dick; the Initial Compiler recalls, vaguely, looking into listing Counter-Clock World. The premise is interesting but not relevant for this wiki.

Wikipedia brief summary: "Counter-Clock World is a 1967 science fiction novel by American author Philip K. Dick. It was expanded from his short story 'Your Appointment Will Be Yesterday', first published in the August 1966 edition of Amazing Stories. ¶ The novel describes a future in which time has started to move in reverse, resulting in the dead reviving in their own graves ("old-birth"), living their lives in reverse, and eventually returning to the womb where they split into an egg and a sperm during copulation between a recipient woman and a man."[1]

RDE, Initial Compiler, 30Aug18