Corpses, Animals, Machines and Mannequins: The Body and Cyberpunk

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McCarron, Kevin. "Corpses, Animals, Machines and Mannequins: The Body and Cyberpunk." In Cyberspace/Cyberbodies/Cyberpunk: Cultures of Technological Development. Roger Burrows and Mike Featherstone, eds. London: SAGE, 1995. Online Publication Date: 31 May 31.

The essay opens with a quotation on the body by René Descartes, and then this (from opening paragraph):

[...I]n his famous Meditations, Descartes presents an argument for a mind/body dichotomy which remains highly influential today. Cyberpunk, too, is heavily preoccupied with philosophical issues, although many critics prefer to stress the cultural deficiencies of the genre. [...] However, in my view, the 'body' of texts, literary and cinematic, which comprises the genre of cyberpunk constitutes a sustained meditation, unrivaled in contemporary culture, on the Cartesian mind/body dichotomy.[1]

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