Codrescu, Andrei, "A Report on the State of Revolutions, for Rosa Luxemburg"

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Codrescu, Andrei. "A Report on the State of Revolutions, for Rosa Luxemburg." Plato Sucks. Read by the author. Dove Audio, 1996. (11220. "Selected Stories from National Public Radio's Andrei Codrescu." Side 2.)

Sexual revolution of the 1970s vs. the technological revolution and the subsequent merging of "the sexy and the techie." Features wise-ass and wise commentary on reproduction—primarily of the print and mimeograph variety—"the Mongolian cluster-fuck against the State's megacomputer," the technology of contraception, the 1970s "body without organs," Leninism vs. Dadaism (with Rosa Luxemburg in between), capitalism (not socialism) as the great revolutionary force in the 20th c., the family, how sexual revolution created "an existential despair that demanded palliatives and substitutes, leading to the current intense market in virtual realities" (VR). Comments also on simulacra, human life mediated by machine technology—"only machines have relationships . . . you are a machine, subject to the complete control of the inhuman center of a mechanical discourse"—ecology and liberty, the universal institutionalization of people in the West, the current purveying of the sexual "'revolution'" (with stress on the quotation marks) by various electronic media, revolution becoming "the plaything of a database," and virtual sex. Other essays deal usefully with LSD and why Plato, an idealist, sucks in the view of the body-loving A-C.