Clockwork atom bomb

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Green, Dominic, "The Clockwork Atom Bomb." Interzone 198 (May/June 2005). Year's Best Science Fiction: 23rd Annual Collection. Gardner Dozois, ed. New York: St. Martins Griffin, 2006 <>.

Recommended as an African story by Andy Sawyer; title indicates relevance, but Erlich hasn't read it (additions and corrections invited). Jeff Spock, in "Tangent: Short Fiction Review," has "CAB" an apocalypse story "that takes a solid technical and scientific 'what-if'—capturing man-made black holes in multi-ton containment devices—and extrapolates the uses to which it could be put." African nations are "tapping these machines for waste management, electricity, and removing unwanted persons." Spock compares the premise to that of Larry Niven's 'The Hole Man" <>.

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