Citizen in Space

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Sheckley, Robert. "Citizen in Space" (vt "Spy Story"). Playboy September 1955. Collected Citizen in Space. New York City: Ballantine, 1955. Other collections as well, plus reprints, including The Dead Astronaut: 10 Stories of Space Flight Ray Russell, editor (uncredited). Chicago: Playboy Press, 1971. For bibliographic details, including translations, see Internet Speculative Fiction Database.[1]

Comic take on a surveillance society.

Briefly discussed 16 June 2020 in "Book Review: The Dead Astronaut, ed. uncredited (1971) (J. G. Ballard, Ursula K. Le Guin, Arthur C. Clarke, et al.)" on the website SCIENCE FICTION AND OTHER SUSPECT RUMINATIONS: Reviews of Vintage Science Fiction (1950s to mid-1980s).[2]

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