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Chuck. TV series. Chris Fedak, Josh Schwartz, "Creators." NBC (in USA) / SciFi Channel, 24 September 2007 (USA) through 2012. Zachery Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Joshua Gomez, Adam Baldwin, featured players. 91 episodes, 40-46 minute runtime. USA: College Hill Pictures, Warner Bros. Television et al., production (see Wikipedia entry for full production details). [1][2]

Summarized in Wikipedia: A computer nerd named Chuck Bartowski "receives an encoded e-mail from an old college friend now working for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The message embeds the only remaining copy of a software program containing the United States' greatest spy secrets into Chuck's brain, leading the CIA and the NSA [US National Security Agency] to assign him handlers and use him on top-secret missions." KGF Vissers on the IMDb page adds that the software program is "Intersect," and identifies it with the interesting formulation, "an unprecedentedly powerful computer mind." We will add that in the Pilot the college friend who went into the CIA is introduced as dead, with his e-mail to Chuck either his last act or close to it. Cf. and strongly contrast THE COMPUTER WORE TENNIS SHOES for the premise summarized in the Pilot by the CIA agent, as "Chuck is the computer." See Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash for a computer/mind virus similar to and different from the situation in Chuck summarized in the Pilot by the NSA agent, for Chuck and the audience: "Those pictures you saw were encoded with secrets. If you saw them, you know them."

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