ChatGPT Chief Favors AI Regulations

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"ChatGPT Chief Favors AI Regulations." By Matt O'Brien, Associated Press. Among other places, The Ventura County Star (California, "Part of the USA Today Network"). Wednesday, 17 May 2023, beginning p. 1A, above the fold. Other coverage, checked as of 21 May 2023 at various news media listed here.[1]

Lede: "The head of the artificial intelligence company that makes ChatGPT told Congress on Tuesday [16 May 2023] that government intervention 'will be critical to mitigate the risks of increasingly powerful' AI systems." Note assumption by O'Brien and his AP editors that a general readership — for the most part — would understand a reference to ChatGPT[2] and to AI for "artificial intelligence"; and note that OpenAI CEO Sam Altman would believe that the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Privacy would listen seriously to a proposal for "the formation of a U.S. or global agency that would license the the most powerful AI systems and have the authority to take that license away and ensure compliance with safety standards" (p. 1A).

The story goes on to note that "there's no immediate sign that Congress will craft sweeping new AI rules, as European lawmakers are doing," indicating that that is what is going on in Europe and adding that relevant US Federal agencies will be taking action to apply to AI applications "existing civil rights and consumer protection laws" (p. 4A).

Note in fiction rigorous attempts to limit AI in, for an important example, the cyberspace of William Gibson's Neuromancer (1984).

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