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CSI Skill Tree. On line, as of Dec. 2023, here.[1]

From the website for one YouTube episode.

CSI Skill Tree is a series that examines and celebrates how video games envision possible futures, build rich and thought-provoking worlds, and engage people as active participants in unfolding and interpreting stories. In this episode, we take a close look at “Hypnospace Outlaw” (2019), a game that plunges you into an alternate-history version of the 1990s internet, published by No More Robots and developed by Tendershoot. We discuss how the game examines issues of nostalgia, health, labor, community, and online safety, and ponder whether playing it has left us hopeful or gloomy about the potential of digital spaces to connect people and support self-expression.

RDE, with thanks to Joey Eschrich (on SFRA ListServ); finishing, 9Dec23