Buddha and Keyboard

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Imbrogno, Douglas John. Buddha and Keyboard (compiler's title, with permission by artist/author). On line as of February 2023 at <https://www.thestoryisthething.com/2023/02/06/one-key-to-rule-them-all/> and <https://TheStoryIsTheThing.com>.

Photographs showing a Buddha medallion on a computer keyboard, in one version with a platform in the top of the photo, a platform suitable for meditation, and a circle enclosing the medallion and its lanyard, and the central part of the keyboard.

The keyboard is in our time, in our world — not fictional — the literal interface for people and a machine: the means of communication with (inputing data into) a cybernetic device, generally, a computer. And a medallion of the Buddha can serve as a reminder of a person and/or a teaching that can mediate between people and (a Way to) clearer understanding of the world. The visual juxtaposition can function in ways that both parallel and provide background for some of the more thoughtful, or "mindful" SF dealing with such relationships.

RDE, finishing, 6/8Feb23