Bobbitt, John Franklin, The Supervision of City Schools: Some General Principles

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Bobbitt, John Franklin. The Supervision of City Schools: Some General Principles. (Yearbook of the National Society for the Study of Education [new ser.] 12th). Chicago (?): Public School Pub. Co, (1923). — But see below for other bibliographic possibilities.

Quotation in Theodore R. Sizer, "Imprinting the Kids," rev. of For Our Children . . . in The Nation 25 May 1985: 639: "Management must determine the order and sequence of all of the various processes through which the raw material or the partially developed product shall pass, in order to bring about the greatest possible effectiveness and economy; and it must see that the raw product or partially finished product is actually passed on from process to process, from worker to worker, in the manner that is most effective and most economical." Sizer holds that For Our Children is "a book about bureaucracy, more particularly, about the bureaucracy of school systems"—and used Bobbitt to attack the more recent book under review. Alternative source suggested by contributor Vince: "Some General Principles of Management Applied to the Problems of City School systems." The 1st Yearbook of the National Society for the Study of Education, Chicago, 1913—apparently self-published. ALSO: . . . Supervison of City Schools, supplemented by J. W. Hall (Chicago: U of Chicago P [?], 1913).