Bionic prostheses empower Ukrainians

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Arhirova, Hanna. "The war took away their limbs. Now bionic prostheses empower wounded Ukrainian soldiers" (AP on-line title). Updated 9:23 PM PST, December 22, 2023. As of 26 December 2023, available on line here.[1]

The wiki title is from The Ventura County Star version of the article, Tuesday 26 December 2023: 6A.

Lede, after human-interest introductory paragraphs:

"Russia’s war on Ukraine has created a massive need for prosthetic limbs. An estimated 20,000 Ukrainians have had amputations since the war started in February 2022, many of them soldiers who lost arms or legs due to blast wounds.

Only a small number [... have been] able to receive bionic prostheses, which are more advanced and can provide greater mobility than the traditional prosthetic limbs.

They are also far more costly than conventional prostheses.

Bionic artificial limbs typically pick up electrical signals from the muscles that remain above the amputation site, thanks to something called myoelectric technology, to carry out an intended motion.

The article goes on to praise the bionic limbs, and a company selling them in Ukraine at cost (ca. US$7000 per unit in Ukraine, as opposed to $20K in the U.S.): "Compared to a conventional prosthesis, which is designed to replicate simple basic functions of a missing arm or leg, a bionic one offers the capability to restore fine motor skills."

Note for background for prosthetics in SF.

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