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BLADE RUNNER. Ridley Scott, dir. USA: Warner (et al.), 1982. 114 or 118 min. film; videocasette 123 min. Based on P. K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? See also BLADE RUNNER—THE DIRECTOR'S CUT.

A 1940s Film Noir detective thriller set in 2019, in a Los Angeles extrapolated (ethically) from that of the 40s films and Roman Polanski's CHINATOWN (1974). Significant for placing a Frankenstein theme in a funky, punkish (or cyberpunk), corporation-dominated world, and for its alternative investigation of Dick's questions on the differences and similarities between humans and androids (called here, "replicants"). See V. Sobchack, Screening Space, Chapter 4 (passim),[1] and Retrofitting BLADE RUNNER, cited under Drama Criticism.