An industrial robot putting Jesuses on crosses

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"An industrial robot putting Jesuses on crosses." A gif posted on Reddit on the Cyberpunk site.[1]

Looped video showing an industrial-robot arm putting one apparently plastic crucified Jesus on the top row of apparently wooden crosses on a two-part conveyor belt, and then on the bottom row, and then the belt moving a step to viewer right for the next placement on the cross of a plastic (?) Jesus. As of 30 August 2019: archived, with a closed thread of comments.[2]

Note well the interpretation of the image as "Cyberpunk." See for the real-world mashup of the cybernetic, electronic, and mechanical of the robotic arm, in frame with plastic, what may be wood, the image of a human body, and, for Christian believers, an image of the incarnation of the Divine (joining organism and spirit, matter and Godhead). Note a kind of superposition of the robotic on the plastic (?) Jesus, with the possible symbolism of the robotic in dynamic contact with the human, divine, and plastic.

RDE, finishing, 30Aug19, with thanks to Liza McKee and Suzy McKee Charnas