Amazon Women in the Mood

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Futurama, Fox-TV, "Amazon Women in the Mood." First aired 4 February 2001; repeated 10 June 01 (which we viewed). Episode 34 by through-numbering method <>, 3.5 by season.episode method <>. Brian Sheesley, dir. Lewis Morton, script. Bea Arthur, featured as voice of Femputer/Fembot.

Giant Amazons are ruled by a "Femputer" computer, who turns out to be controlled by a "Fembot" robot; cf. and contrast classic Star Trek episodes "The Apple" and "The Return of the Archons"—plus The Wizard of Oz (film: 1939). Note also classification games with the robot Bender: he is "ethnized" as an American but claims to be Mexican and can prove it by showing his imprint Hecho en Mexico; he is gendered as male (chauvinist sexist pig), but proves he is not a man in that "he" has no genitals (and is also, of course, not a human, or any other kind of animal). The "battle of the sexes" is comically resolved when the Fembot ruler falls for Bender—except both are gendered but neither is sexed. (RDE, 18/03/01)