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Darke, Chris. Alphaville. London: IB Tauris, 2005. Urbana: U of IL P, 2005 ("A volume in The French Film Guides series, edited by Ginette Vincendeau").

A brief but still book-length reading of the J-L Godard film from 1965 (cited in Clockworks [1] under Drama). London edn. rev. Mark Bould, Extrapolation 47.2 [Summer 2006]: 332-34, who sees the book more useful for the film as a work by Godard than as a film noir/SF hybrid (with a tough secret agent vs. the Alpha 60 supercomputer). See Bould's Note for a list of "Other films which intersect sf and the nouvelle vague (and other French cinema of the 1950s and 1960s)." Information on UofI edn., as of the end of Dec. 2006: (RDE, 28/12/06)