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"Alien Within, The." Roger Corman Presents, Showtime 18 July 1995. Scott P. Levy, dir. USA: Pacific Trust, 1994. Rob Kerchner, story. Alex Smith, script. Cast includes Roddy McDowall.

Retelling of ALIEN (q.v. this section) with a touch of the remake of THE THING (1982). The humanoid robot/cyborg (Brill) is initially a positive character, until reprogrammed by an evil scientist (McDowall); and the isolated setting isn't in space but under water. semi-final enemies of science/tech. associated aliens: a woman, a John-Wayne-like incandenscent white male officer, and a dark male (wise-ass) doper. Doper turns into final possessed enemy. Escape pod includes male officer as driver and the woman; both carry aliens (they're to be picked up by U.S.S. Schwartzkopoff): cf. and definitely contrast ALIEN.

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5. DRAMA, RDE, 18/VII/95, 22 Aug. 06/Added 26/I/14