Aleksei Gastev

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Aleksei Kapitonovich Gastev (Russian: Алексей Капитонович Гастев) (1882–1939).

Described in the Wikipedia entry as "a participant in the Russian Revolution of 1905, a pioneer of scientific management in Russia, a trade-union activist and an avant garde poet."[1] Note for translation — trans latio — of Taylorism into Lenin's Soviet Union, a crucial event for Zamyatin's We. Note references in John J. Pierce's discussion of Soviet literature in Foundations of Science Fiction[2]to Aleksei Gastyev's promotion of "the idea of a mechanized proletariat, with psychological manifestations 'so foreign to personalism [and] so anonymous, that as these collectives-complexes move they resemble the movement of objects, with individual human faces gone'” (quoting Michael Kandel in introduction to: Stanislaw Lem, Mortal Engines, trans. Kandel (Avon/Bard Books, 1982), p. x) — and somewhat later reference to "Gastyev’s mechanistic collectivism" (revision in ms., "Up from Stalinism" section, p. 14 and note 50). Note "Aleksei Gastev and the Metallization of the Revolutionary Body," by Rolf Hellebust Slavic Review 56.3 (Autumn, 1997: 500-518.[3]

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